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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Foreword : Why i blog ? What's my purpose ?

Dear readers,

my purpose of blogging is not about telling my friends or strangers how i've been lately. Maybe i'll touch on that alittle.

The purpose of myself blogging is to spread my words around to everyone in which i've been analysing.

The reason i choose blog is because blogging is a trend now. A trend is something in which a majority will follow on. And through this blogging era, i hope my words can be spreaded and then passed on.

I may sound nasty but to think about what i've said later, you'll then noe that i am more to educating people of things they need to know. Worst of all, things that they hate and didn't know they're doing it. And of course, things i've did before.

Lastly, through my words, you may not sense the seriousness of the particular matter that i've blogging. It's through experience before you, you'll then learn from it. But 1st of all, you'll have to read my blog then you'll somehow get my message and through an experience then my message will be delivered and be practiced.

It's all up to you.

It's all about hypocrisy.



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